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Noland & Charges originated in 1984 as a software consulting firm.  Our current corporate structure was established in 1997 to better meet the needs of both our local and internet based clientele.  In addition to software consulting and development services we also provide internet products and services.

Our internet products include a complete line of Domain Name, Web Hosting, Email, Shopping Cart and E-Commerce Solutions. Our services include Website Development and Internet Business Startup Training

Internet Services

Website Building



We can help you establish a presence for your company or organization on the web.  A quality multi-page website can be published for under $500.  That includes registering your domain name and establishing your hosting account.

Internet Products

Noland & Charges offers a complete line of internet services.  And we offer them at the most competitive prices on the internet.  We invite you to compare prices.  Click the images above to order or to obtain more information.



Internet Retail Businesses

Noland & Charges operates the following e-Commerce website.  This site was developed and promoted using the skills taught in our Starting an Internet Business program. - Car Covers, Truck Covers, Seat Covers, Floor Mats from top USA manufactures


Internet Education

Starting an Internet Business



It is possible for anyone to make money on the internet.  You would be surprised by how many fabulous looking web businesses are run by some guy or gal in their pajamas!

You will need to invest some money and time into your business.  And you do need to be careful to avoid some mistakes that could cost you money.  But that is where we can help.                                         more info


Using eBay for Profit (coming soon)

  eBay is more than the 21st century's answer to garage sales.  Many successful businesses market their products exclusively on eBay.               more info  

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